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          WinCNC SOFTWARE

          PC Requirements
          WinCNC Manual


          Plasma Cutting
          Knife Cutting
          Laser Cut/Engrave
          Vision Registration
          2D/3D Digitizing
          Other Applications

          WinCNC is software and hardware package that allows control of a CNC machine using a Windows PC. The hardware consists of a PCI card and daughter board which are installed inside of the PC. Both items are required to run WinCNC. The PCI card is a 64-bit high-speed digital I/O device and the daughter board is a small circuit board which adds a high speed microprocessor for pulse buffering. The high speed pulse buffer allows WinCNC to output pulses with 100% accuracy at maximum frequency, and increases it's ability to run alongside other Windows applications and processes without losing steps. The CNC machine components such as stepper/servo drives, limit switches, or output relays are connected to the PC via 37-pin (standard) or 25-pin (optional) connectors at the back of the PC. WinCNC outputs TTL step and direction signals to the motor drives and includes additional TTL input and output pins for auxiliary functions to interface the I/O from the CNC machine.

          To simplify the process of wiring and connecting your CNC machine to the PC, without the need for soldering or making custom cables, please consider one of our screw-terminal based WinCNC IO interface boards. These interface boards provide on-board 5VDC power, output relays, input isolation, and easy access to step/direction signals to control stepper or servo motors.

          WinCNC provides a customizable easy-to-use interface for any operation. The CNC machine can be completely controlled using the PC mouse and keyboard. Button customization allows for simple point and click control, without the need for typing file names or GCode commands. Button and toolbar size can be enlarged to accommodate the use of a touch screen monitor. Remote control can be added using one of our wired or wireless hand-held keypads.

          WinCNC Controller sets the standard for PC based motion control. Incredibly smooth acceleration and machine motion are the result of our advanced algorithms. WinCNC uses a large look-ahead buffer, reading thousands of lines ahead while running GCode files. Reading ahead allows WinCNC to accelerate or decelerate through many small arc or line segments producing smoother motion and faster completion times. Each move is buffered and processed using proprietary real time vector matching routines. The result is that your machine runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, slowing down only when necessary and producing high quality parts. Adjustable velocity, acceleration, and smoothing allow you to configure WinCNC to operate any size or type of CNC machine as quickly and smoothly as possible.

          WinCNC Plasma Configuration

          CNC Plasma cutting has been increasingly popular in recent years. Many new features and enhancements have been added to WinCNC to support the requirments of plasma cutting and automatic torch height control.

          Learn More

          WinCNC Laser Configuration

          WinCNC has been used on laser machines for many years by many satisfied customers. WinCNC can be used on any stepper or servo laser machine and has been used with Synrad, Coherent, and other types of lasers. WinCNC supports raster image engraving and vector engraving and cutting.

          Learn More

          WinCNC Router Configuration

          WinCNC has been in use on CNC router machines for many years. It has been used by thousands of customers worldwide. WinCNC is used extensively with Cut 2D/3D, VCarve Pro, Aspire, EnRoute, BobCAD, VisualMill, and many other CAD/CAM packages.

          Learn More

          WinCNC Controller is a CNC machine motion control software and hardware package that is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 - 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Legacy versions of WinCNC were compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, and XP. WinCNC requires an enabled USB port and an available PCI or PCIe slot. WinCNC is capable of driving up to 6 axes of motion simultaneously at up to 100khz while remaining incredibly smooth and never missing a step.

          NOTE: Windows 8 and 10 require WinCNC version 2.6 or 3.0. Please make sure that your software license and hardware are capable of supporting WinCNC version 2.6 or 3.0 before upgrading your Windows OS.

          NOTE: WinCNC 3.0 requires a different daughter board than 2.6 or previous versions. If you are running a 2.6 or older version of WinCNC you will have to upgrade your software and purchase a new daughter board in order to run WinCNC 3.0

          Any stepper, micro-stepper, or servo system with step and direction inputs can be interfaced using the included PCI card and microprocessor daughter board, or one of several available PCI I/O expansion cards. In addition to axis motion, up to 128 auxiliary outputs and 128 separate inputs may be defined. The intuitive user interface is easy to learn and convenient to use. All the features you need and expect are readily accessible via industry standard G-Codes. Simple keystrokes provide the ability to start, pause, restart, jog, and rapid transit any axis without navigating multiple screens and windows. Programs may be run from any line as needed. The programmed feed rates may be adjusted from 1% to 200% without stopping machine motion.

          WinCNC Controller is running machines with routers, drills, tapping heads, rotating saws and knives, plasma cutters, gas cutters, nailers, grinders, water jets, and lasers to process materials ranging from hardwoods, composites, and plastics to metals, glass, and stone. All major CAM packages can produce G-Code files ready to run on WinCNC Controller. The WinCNC window is highly customizable, with several types of components and buttons that can be added and customized. The macro setup allows creating custom G/L/M codes linked to editable subprograms, storing values and performing basic math operations, even overriding or disabling already defined G/L/M codes.

          Any motion control system is only as good as the support available when you need it. Our technicians use our products every day for production and prototyping. This means that we can speak your language when it comes to providing the support you need, either by phone, Internet, or onsite worldwide. WinCNC retail software packages include 30 days of free technical support via phone/Internet/email. Support techinicians are available via phone or email Monday thru Friday 9AM-5PM EST excluding holidays. Additional technical support can be purchased, per hour, for existing WinCNC software licenses. Customers must have Internet access and must be able to send/receive files via email in order to receive technical support.

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